About us

OptaristonWeb is the online shopping of Optariston Group that, since its establishment in 1953, has been representing a cornerstone in the selling market of the best Italian and international optical products.

With more than sixty years of history but always innovation-oriented, Optariston opens worldwide through the new OptaristonWeb e-commerce channel, providing to a more variegated audience the experience and quality that has always distinguished our products, which are certified and 100% authentic.

Dedication, passion and customer care are the key features of our staff who will be delighted to accompany you through our online shopping experience with a dedicated pre- and post-sale customer service by email, phone and chat.

Optariston Web is based in Italy but ships its products all over the world.

Phone: 0039 0690270268
Email: info@optaristonweb.com
Our registered office is in:
Via Modena 24 - Rome (Italy)